Sara Berman



b. 1975, London; lives and works in London
1995-1999 Saint Martins School of Art and Design, London
2014-2016 MFA Slade School of Art, London

Represented by Vielmetter Los Angeles

Armory Art Fair NYC Sept 2022


Me and My Big Mouth

A dialogue between painting and textiles. Feeding into each other, joining at the seams, meeting in uncomfortable places. There is a bleed in my work; a contamination. I can attempt a sanitization, a cleaning up of the domestic detritus into a cupboard marked ‘Practice’ but the bleed is the point, the uncomfortable nooks of the female bodily experience. This is the issue. Pass me a tissue so I can clean it all up for you and put something on. Clothing as objects of confinement, of protection, of identity, of safety. Inside. Outside.

Painting is a game of materiality. The visceral qualities of paint. Layered, built up, scraped back and bruised. Emerging from violence of its own making. Searching.

It is important to start any search with a map of the road to nowhere. My map is The Harlequin. An outfit, a costume The perfect disguise. The perfect reveal. It all starts with her. The Harlequin as a Woman is No Joker. She is the Trickster Whore. The Witch, the Shrew, the Sorceress with the voice of a Harpy. Fear her with her big mouth, her bloody gash. But I digress, I transgress. Me and My Big Mouth.

Selected shows:

2022 “Home is where the art is”, 10th Sept – 11th Dec 2022, The Kunsthal Museum, Rotterdam
2022 Armory Art Fair NYC Sept 2022 – The Armory Show, NYC
2022 Armoured at Kristin Hjellegerde Gallery London. Two person show with Luella Bartley
2021 Untitled Art Fair Miami
2021 Enter Art fair Copenhagen
2021 Solo show at Kristin Hjellegerde London bridge
2021 Inside / Outside with the Janet Rady Gallery
2020 Isolated Observations. Candida Stevens Gallery. Group show
2020 We Could Apply Our Lipstick. C&C Gallery. Group show
2020 Supastore. NIDA Art Colony, Lithuania. Group show
2020 Cure3 exhibition. Bonhams London. Group show
2019 Hauser and Wirth Hospital Rooms Fundraising Auction. Group
2019 Exeter Contemporary Open
2019 Think In Pictures NYC curated by John Newsom and Matt Dillon
2018 ‘Matter Out Of Place’ Solo show at 93 Baker St London curated by VO Curations and supported by Outset
2018 ‘Between Community and commerce’ Solo Installation ZAZ10TS 10times Square, NYC curated by Tamar Dresdner
2018 ‘Double Ententre’ Solo show Anat Ebgi, LA
2018 ‘Solitaire’ two person show at Sapar Contemporary NYC
2017 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition
2017 Solo show at Galerie Huit Hong Kong
2017 Dark Wood at Transition Gallery curated by Henry Hussey
2017 Young Gods at Charlie Smith Gallery
2016 ‘topophobophilia’ Gallery 46
2016 Slade Graduate Show
2016 ‘Names’ show Transition Gallery
2015 ‘Imagine’ at Londonewcastle Project Space
2015 Symposium for Drawing BAK Museum Utrecht
2015 BP portrait prize at National Portrait Gallery


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